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New Bedford, MA
Our New Bedford facility utilizes the industry’s best available technologies for de-bale, optic color-sort and grinding processes. Through the deployment of these technologies we have increased capacity from 10 million pounds per year to over 100 million pounds per year.

Process and equipment improvements were also made to the facility's full-goods beverage destruction and recycling operations. New equipment has increased operating efficiency and the quality of residual commodity products.

“ We are very proud of the technological leaps we have achieved this year. It creates great value for our customers and helps them realize their Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Goals.
-Gene Kiesel, President/CEO- Parallel Environmental Services

Materials Recieved:
  Post-Consumer Beverage Containers (Plastic, Aluminum, Glass)
  Non-Alcoholic Beverages (juice, soda, water, etc.)
  Alcoholic Beverages (beer, wine)
Shipment Configurations:
  Case Goods- Palletized, Slipsheets- all packaging types
  Kegs- Supersacs, Totes, Gaylords, Bins, etc.
Reclaimed/Produced Commodities:
  Plastics- PET (bale, mix-color flake, color-sort flake)
  HDPE, PP, PE - Crushed Glass
  OCC- Corrugated

Parallel Products New Bedford Location

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