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Bronx, NY
885 E 137th St
Bronx, NY 10454

Bronx, NY

Parallel's Bronx Facility provides collection, auditing and processing services to regional bottling companies and Bottle Bill redemption centers. We collect, receive and recycle over 1.2 billion aluminum, plastic and glass containers each year. Commodity materials recovered from this operation are recycled and repurposed for the production of items such as new beverage containers, fiberglass, fiber, carpet, clothing, food packaging and other recycled-content products.

As New York State has increased its recycling effort through the expansion of its Bottle Bill, so too has Parallel expanded its processing capabilities to accommodate the resulting growth of available plastics for recycling.

"For many years, we have been a major part of the recycling landscape in New York. It is our mission and goal to continue our growth to meet the market's consistently increasing demands. " - Tim Cusson, VP- Business Development

Other key operations include the secure destruction and recycling of unsaleable beverage products. The Bronx offers a local option for compliant, responsible and sustainable recycling of these materials.

Materials Received:

  • • Post-Consumer Beverage Containers (Plastic, Aluminum, Glass)
  • • Non-Alcoholic Beverages (juice, soda, water, etc.)
  • • Alcoholic Beverages (beer, wine)
  • • No Aerosol

Shipment Configurations:

  • • Case Goods - Palletized, Slipsheets- all packaging types
  • • Kegs
  • • Supersacs, Totes, Gaylords, Bins, etc...

Reclaimed/Produced Commodities:

  • • Plastics- PET (bale, mix-color flake, color-sort flake)
  • • HDPE, PP, PE
  • • Crushed Glass
  • • Aluminum
  • • OCC-Corrugated

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